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Medical Massage Pros

Our Clients Say It Best!

“I had an SI joint problem that was pulling my hips out. It was super frustrating because I could not get rid of it! I would visit a chiropractor twice a week to try to get my hips to stay. I did dry needling and stretching, but nothing seemed to work. I had this pain for 8 months.

I work out almost everyday at the gym. No matter what kind of movement I did, the pain would not go away and sometimes it would get aggravated more. Sitting or sleeping would sometimes cause it to be more painful. Anything I did, walk the dog, do dead lifts – I always had pain. It was a frustrating, chronic pain. I felt discouraged because nothing seemed to help. After working with Jesse, I don’t even think about it anymore.

With just a couple of visits, my butt and back don’t even hurt anymore. I don’t even think about it because the pain is gone. If I’d seen him sooner, my 8 month problem would’ve been solved in 10 days or sooner. Jesse found the pain, did what he does, and healed it. You have given me the solution Jesse. You have given me mental and emotional relief now. The pain got to be pretty draining and exhausting and discouraging on top of all the other crap that comes from life. Now I don’t even think about it.

And it’s never just one thing. It’s a whole body thing. Emotional, spiritual, and physical. Jesse elevates his work by treating the whole patient in mind and body if the patient is open to that. It’s all part of the puzzle. You can’t just treat one part and Jesse creates a good, safe environment to get treatment for all kinds of issues.

Jesse is super responsive, easy to schedule with and I was able to get in fast. His communication is great and he asks good, probing questions to pinpoint exactly where to work on the body.”



“I was having problems with stiffness of neck and aches and pains in shoulder and lower back areas.

I was in a lot of discomfort for days, and I could not seem to find a remedy to fix it. Whether it be hot or cold packs, nothing seemed to work. Being in that position also was hard to do many of my menial things that I normally do without continuous pain.

When I first started working with Jesse a few years ago, I felt a little nervous never having a real massage before. But, Jesse was very soothing in his talk, and way of conducting the massage that I was comfortable right after he started. He asked about where I was hurting, and he always asked if the pressure he was giving was good enough or could I take more or need less. He never pushed me to do more than what I felt I could endure, and I always felt comfortable with him. He made my session about “me”, and not him – whatever he could do to make me feel more comfortable, whether it be through soft comforting music, atmosphere, or just letting me rest – he took the time and care to make my session the best for me!

I noticed one day driving home that I felt like a young chick again! It was as if I had absolutely no aches or pains! I could move my arms freely, and my shoulders and neck were not hurting. I still have Jesse working on me from time to time as stress and whatever else causes discomfort because that is life, so I will never really be finished with him. But, it is good and comforting to me to know that I can have him help me as I need it.

I feel a lot better in my movement and I am trying to take more of his advice to walk taller and straight, and look up instead of shrugging shoulders and looking down. Through his continued works on me I am making progress in helping my body to be the best it can be.



“Jesse has a gift! I was tight and stiff through my neck, back, and hips with limited mobility. He was in tune with my body and what I needed in order to have my muscles relax and increase mobility and flexibility. He attuned to what pressure would be best to get knots to release and relax. His ultimate goal of helping me heal in the most comfortable way possible has earned my respect and loyalty. He is a gifted massage therapist! I always leave feeling better and moving more freely when I see Jesse! I highly recommend him and look forward to each appointment.”



“If you’re looking for a massage therapist who is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does – plus highly skilled – then you’ve found the right person for the job.  His passion shows through the energy he carries and he embodies the high value you are seeking to get out of the services he renders.  His intricate knowledge of the body is helpful especially if you have any requests of emphasis on a certain area that is troubling you.   As I mentioned above about how he is highly skilled – his career in massage isn’t just a happy accident. I’ve known Jesse for a long time and he has spent many years of his life trying to study and understand the body, energy and relationships.  I feel that massage for Jesse is just the perfect outlet or path that has brought those 3 things together and allowed his hands to heal like they were meant to.  His work for me and our encounters have been exactly what I needed.”

MariLyn S


“The best, to the point and gracious therapist.”



“I honestly would not recommend anyone but Jesse Malan for a massage. If you literally are struggling with any kind of structural issues, you need some deep tissue work done, like the real things, go to Jesse. I trust him. You know you need to trust somebody good with your body. Sometimes people accidentally mess us up. I have done the work of looking for a good therapist, and it is slim pickins! So if you are looking for someone that (1) really knows what they are doing, that (2) has your best interest in heart, and is going to tell you that maybe he’s not the best person for you if he’s not the best person for you – he’s definitely going to tell you that. He’s going to give you pointers and tips. He’s going to use his intuition to really find the root of the cause in your body. He’s really incredible, so if you are looking for a massage therapist – 100% Jesse Malan.”



Before meeting Jesse, I struggled with chronic migraines which were debilitating.  I now know my migraines are caused by stress and emotions; however, it wasn’t until I met Jesse that I understood how the tension from my emotions affected my shoulders, neck and eventually my head.  Jesse taught me about the deep tissues in my body and worked on areas that addressed my tension; areas that I had no idea had any relation to my pain.  

The only reason I don’t see Jesse on a regular basis is because he moved 2.5 hours away from me; however, when I know I’m traveling through for business, I make an appointment for deep tissue work.  I would see him every month if I could.  It’s well worth the investment in myself.  We fail to see that the preventative and proactive investment outweighs the reactive financial burden that can occur from not taking care of ourselves. 
Jesse’s knowledge is incredible.  He taught me about the medical side of the work he did on me and the holistic piece of his work.  I learned a lot and I know Jesse cares about those under his care.  He is always professional and respectful of his clients.  I adore Jesse!”



“I have had problems with my neck, low back and also my shoulder. These issues kept my activity down because it was harder to do things with them hurting. Jesse is very direct and he understands everything I need. He gives me the right kind of pressure, checks in with me often, and makes sure I have everything I want worked on. My symptoms stay away longer and that’s good. I get the relief I need so I can do what I want to do. After the body work I notice that I can stand up straight and walk more easily. I have better posture and a better attitude.”



Before working with Jesse I had really bad sciatica pain and shoulder problems. I had surgery on my shoulder and it was in intense pain. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t play sports or do house hold things like chores and cooking. I felt discouraged and I hurt all the time.

Working with Jesse really helped. We had a lot of positive conversation and he was really good at finding out what muscles needed more work than others. It was a very friendly and calm environment. I could come in and feel relaxed. Now I can move my shoulder better. His work has helped with my rehabilitation. I can move my shoulder and my back doesn’t hurt very much. My sciatica is gone and I feel hopeful that I will continue to get better. The more visits I have done the better I feel.

I feel pampered and rejuvenated. The self care is a must and to be able to come and have that for me felt really good. To just come and relax and not have any care in the world – it was just rejuvenating.



“Before I started coming to Medical Massage Pros, I was just always sore and super tight. My muscles just felt tight no matter what I did with stretching and rolling them out. I had lower back pain, neck pain, and sore hams. I thought that was normal at first, but after the first massage I felt like ‘wow this is awesome!’ I never knew you could feel this good. I’m definitely less tight and my joints and muscles work better. It’s super comfortable to work with Jesse. He always says what he’s going to do before he does it. He’s always open to new ideas and lets me direct where we go with the massage. I look forward to my massage times. It’s a safe place, open, with no judgement where I can be myself. Today I feel like I can push myself physically so much more in the gym. I am more loose and I don’t have the painful tightness in the mornings when I wake up.”

Bikini Competition


Body Building Champion


“I was dealing with upper cervical instability, lime, mold, and heavy metal toxicity when I met Jesse. They all kind of hit me at the same time and threw me into a tail spin. I had a lot of brain fog, fatigue, general malaise and insomnia. Jesse calmed my body, specifically my autonomic nervous system. Through the body work, he helped take the trauma from the illnesses out from my body. My body is finally healing after three and a half years and it’s on its way to a full recovery. Literally Jesse, I don’t know if you know how much you have really helped me. I am about 80% recovered.  My symptoms have improved and my energy levels have returned. I’m exercising again and life is returning back to normal.”



The reasons I came to see Jesse were because I had tight calves, knots from running and some lack of mobility that made me feel frustrated and anxious. I was frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t train as much and anxious because I was worried my symptoms were going to turn into injuries. 

Working with Jesse was great. He is easy to communicate with, nice to return to because he remembers what needs getting worked and where to continue from our last meeting, and he remembered my goals that I’m working towards. He’s never anxious and he pays attention to what he is doing.

Since working with Jesse, I am able to put more volume into my training because it now takes less time to recover. I have less tightness which gives me more peace of mind. I’m not stressed about getting injured. I feel like I know my body better. A lot of the stuff I was dealing with was just tightness and knots and not glooming injury. I like how Jesse makes me feel like I can take care of stuff on my own and not that everything is an injury.

Reese Jones

Champion Ultra Runner 


“The first thing I noticed with Jesse was that he is very professional, knowledgable, and friendly. He exudes trust and I felt like I could relax and trust him right away. With only a couple of visits he was able to help me feel like I wasn’t locked up anymore. I feel good. I think this is something I need to do often. With regular maintenance I do really well. 

I just want to make a point here though. It can be awkward going to a guy (therapist). If you can’t relax during a massage it doesn’t matter how good the massage is. Jesse is so professional and made me feel safe and comfortable immediately. This is the quality I like the most about him.”



“I found Jess on instagram. I had been looking for a medical massage therapist for about a year. Jess is professional, personable, and his therapy is really helping a chronic pain I have endured for years. I am beginning to be able to use my shoulders again, my knees are working better, and the lower back is coming along too. I’ve only seen him 4 times, but with this kind of progress, I won’t stop!



“I am very excited about my medical massages. It’s a pleasant experience every time. I always feel great after my appointments. For sure have very high hopes that Jesse will help me with my pain reduction with each visit. It is definitely working so far. My plans are to keep attending my appointments. I can taste the pain free life already!!! I am also learning a lot about the body and exercises one can do to accelerate the healing process all thanks to Jesse. I am telling all my friends about Medical Massage Pros. I hope they book their appointments as soon as they can because I love my friends. I would like to know they are getting the help we don’t know all need. Thanks so much, Medical Massage Pros.



I’ve been getting massages for the last 20 years and I’ve had a lot of Masseuses. I get all kinds of massages like Thai, Swedish, etc. Jesse’s massage is the most comprehensive. He can do everything and he can cater to whatever anyone needs. He doesn’t focus on modality he focuses on my individual needs.

I love that he is so interactive. He checks in with me. He gives the customer so many options and checks in and asks questions like “hey is this feeling ok? Or should I move on?” He spends the time where I want him to spend it and gives me exactly what I want.

Jesse makes everyone comfortable and he’ll talk if I want to talk or he’ll be quiet when I want to be quiet. He’s very aware. He is good at reading the room.

Physically, I have gone to massage where when I come out I feel like I am a drunk driver. With Jesse I feel so relaxed but at the end I feel energized and I can get back to work without needing to take a nap or process so much. 
Jesse has also been a good sounding board for me to think out loud and explore my thoughts with. Mentally I’m a lot more stable because I can get my thoughts out there. The massage and talk makes me more stable when I get out of my session. The atmosphere allows me to feel safe and get things out and this makes all the difference in the world for me.”



“Jesse is really good at teaching. He showed us how to help my husband’s shoulder, which gets tweaked a lot and feels like he slept on it wrong all the time. We learned how to massage it the right way and make it more effective. It’s gotten a lot better. Now when it gets tweaked or feels like it’s going out, I’m able to help him quicker and get to the right spots.



“Jesse was recommended to me by my sister while I was in town visiting and my back was sore. I’ve been to a lot of massage therapists over the years and so usually instantly know if they are good or not. Jesse is not just good – he is excellent! He worked on my back and a few other tight spots (as I requested) and I was pain free for quite some time. Jesse is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and appropriate therapies for mobility or pain management. I’ve continued to visit him each time I’m in town and I’m never disappointed. In addition, I referred my Mom (who lives in St. George) to do in home massage after surgery and she has had the best experience with him as well. Jesse is also just a super nice guy. You can’t go wrong booking a massage at Therapy Squared [now renamed Medical Massage Pros].
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“I am so grateful I found Jesse at Medical Massage Pros. He has helped me tremenously in just 2 sessions. As a personal trainer, I understand the body and the healing benefits of massage. Jesse takes those benefits one step further with his knowledge and expertise. Training for an IronMan definately takes a toll on the body. Jesse has been a lifesaver in helping me keep my muscles and range of motion where they need to be to continue to train and not break the body down. I would definatelty recommend him to anyone!



“OMG!! Jesse is amazing! I have never felt so loose and relaxed. I felt 100% better afterwards and have already recommended his services to my close friends and family. Can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks! 😁



“I was impressed. Jesse provided such a great service that really helped release stress and created an environment I could completely relax in. He was very professional, and it felt like I was in an elite wellness center.”

Aaron C


“I need someone who can really get in there and target my muscles, and Jesse always does a great job.”



“The expertise and care I’ve received at Medical Massage Pros is helping as part of an overall wellness approach, thanks to Jesse’s excellent and personalized treatment. Very professional and competent and a very comfortable setting.”



“Almost needed a wheelchair to get inside. I was a new man when I left. Jesse did a fantastic job. Just the right pressure and explained the why behind the pain. I’ll be back.”



“Jesse really knows the human body and listens to what concerns and issues I have. He approaches the areas with questions, like “is this enough pressure? Too much? Etc. highly recommend.”

J Carlton


“Jesse is professional and experienced. I highly recommend Medical Massage Pros!”



“Jesse always listens to my needs. His service is excellent. In addition to his professional skills, he is intuitive to the physical needs and has healed my pain! Who could as for more?! Thank you!”



“I left my first appointment feeling like Jesse understood and cared about my concerns. He communicated with me throughout the massage, making sure he was getting all the right spots. I am feeling good results the day after and I’m looking forward to my next appointment. 😀”



“Jesse is a very skilled therapist. I’ve had back issues for a long time + just overall really tight muscles from intense workouts and each time I see him, he addresses all my concerns in a very efficient manner and also leaves time for any extras or questions. You will definitely leave feeling better than when you came in!”



You don’t have to live with chronic pain.

Take the joys of life into your own hands. Sign up for a session today and see if you don’t soon fall back in love with life.